These Photos Prove That Good Things Come In Small Packages. Right Fellas? …Guys?

These 27 tiny objects prove that great things come in small packages. At least that’s what their creators would have us believe. For the life of us, we can’t figure out what we’d need a hamburger the size of a penny for.Oh well, maybe you can tell us. We’re certainly too hungry to figure it out ourselves…

1. Need a desk lamp for ants? Here you go.

2. Burgers, beers, and grilled cheese. This is a snack right?

3. Here’s a record and record player that we still don’t know how to use.

4. What good is a knife like this??

5. Cool, but how on Earth do you fire it?

6. Aquariums. With fish. LOL.

7. Measuring glasses for the smallest martinis ever?

8. I don’t know why, but these samurai swords are the best.

9. Ditch digging is going to take a while for this guy.


10. This woman tried to grow lemons in the North. Fail.

11. Teapot for a doll house? Hope so.

12. Vases… sigh.

13. What happens when this bonsai tree outgrows this? … Like tomorrow?

14. HAHA. This is funny.

Think those are ridiculous? Check out the others…

15. Typewriters are for typing, not decoration.

16. Now can I run with scissors, Mom?

17. Dude, stop. That’s not a bicycle, we promise.

18. Drill baby, drill.

19. Sushi is already small enough…

20. Somehow this new computer still costs more than my year-old PC.

21. Smaller print books because that’s what we need.

22. Knitted hats. Who’s going to use this?

23. Ice cream cones. Ok… yum!

24. Don’t overdo it, you still have to drive home, buddy.

25. Hi Teddy!

26. And now we’re even hungrier.

(via: Distractify) What do you think? Did these people make the coolest 26 things ever, or just commit a colossal waste of time? Share with your friends below and see what they think.

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