At First, I Felt Sorry For The People Who Live In This Tiny House. Then I Looked Closer…Now I’m Jealous.

Over the years, house sizes in the United States have been doubling. However, couples like Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller have been realizing that size isn’t the most important thing about where you live. Instead, they, and others in the “small house movement,” know that efficiency and green living can be more important. Together, they decided to do something mind blowing – even though it is tiny. They built a house together.

Christopher and Merete had no building experience, but they knew what their foundation would be… literally.

Nonetheless, they decided to build their dream home.

And it was going to be tiny.

It took a lot of trial and error, but the couple kept an open mind.

Their little house could go almost anywhere.

But they decided to settle down outside of Boulder, Colorado.

When Christopher decided to settle down, he tried to think of what would be inside of his dream home.

It turns out, all that he required were necessities.

They are part of a “tiny house movement.” Many people are learning to live in small homes to reduce their footprint.

Building their house on a flatbed trailer was a bit of a trial.

Together, they had to learn many skills to build a house from scratch.

Many times, the couple had to approach helpful employees at stores like Home Depot to figure out how to get everything finished.

They ended up getting pretty good at it.

For more pictures of this tiny house and to learn where they put it, scroll below!

The tiny house sits on almost five acres of land in Colorado.

Before he started the project, Christopher spent a lot of time on sites like YouTube learning necessary skills.

The home is both economical in space and it is energy efficient.

It fits a queen-sized bed in the loft area.

They built it to run on solar power.

They also have a composting toilet.

The space inside is cozy, but there is more than enough room for just two people.

Both Christopher and Merete moved a lot in their 20s, so they didn’t have a lot of possessions between them.

So, it was easy to live together in such a small space.

This couple proves that bigger isn’t necessarily better.

“The world gets a lot bigger when you’re living small because I can afford to do a lot more things now in terms of cash and time. The whole world is my living room.”

“We don’t all have to give up our material possessions and live in 89 square feet but let’s think about giving up our McMansions and building a little smarter.”

To learn more about the small house movement, watch Tiny. The movie includes a segment on this couple and others like them who are looking to live in smaller houses but lead BIGGER lives.

It’s incredible. Tiny: The Movie’s Web site

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