Who Needs Photoshop When These 23 Unbelievable Pictures Are Completely REAL? Whoa.

You’ll think you’re being tricked, but these photos aren’t manipulated or faked… they are 100% real. Each of these jaw-dropping scenes was captured just as they exist. A mixture of perfect timing, optical illusions, and just flat-out insane nature led to this gallery being created. All I can say is: Woah.

1. This isn’t a teenager miraculously walking on water: actually, this is just a perfectly timed photo.


2. This isn’t a modern miracle of a man biking on water, either: actually, it’s just another person practicing the art of perfectly timed photos.

3. This isn’t a picture of a fox that got stretched out: actually, it’s a Maned Wolf and it seriously looks like that.

4. This isn’t a bad cut-and-paste job: actually, it’s a German magician who pulls public stunts like this.

5. This isn’t someone’s first attempt at using the Warp tool in Photoshop: actually, it’s a set of railroad tracks that were twisted after an earthquake in New Zealand.

This detail of a March 6, 1865 photo by Henry F. Warren, provided by the Collection Keya Morgan/LincolnImages.com, shows the White House with several figures standing in front of it. Photography collector Keya Morgan says the photo is the only known photograph of Lincoln standing in front of the White House, and the first photo ever to have been taken of a President in front of the White House. Morgan added the 6″4 to reference which figure he believes in Abraham Lincoln. (AP Photo/Collection of Keya Morgan, LincolnImages.com) **NO SALES**

6. This isn’t a super realistic, beautiful android: actually, it’s a real woman named the Human Barbie who had surgery to look this way.

7. This isn’t a joke photo of an airplane taking the highway: actually, it’s a photo of a plane landing at Leipzig airport as it crosses over the Autobahn.

8. This isn’t a man finding an interesting way to die: actually, it’s a stunt on a boat that’s meant to be on its side like that.

9. This isn’t someone’s lame attempt at faking a haunting: actually, when this lava emptied into the ocean it just happened to pop and steam in a spooky formation.

11. This isn’t what an artist painted while on acid: actually, it’s an abstract tarp that was put on a building while it was under construction.

12. This picture of a forest wasn’t distorted: actually, there is a section of trees in Poland that grew like this because of extreme weather conditions.

13. This isn’t a picture of Cthulu awakening: actually, it’s just a massive wave at high tide with lots and lots of seaweed in it.

14. This isn’t a really bad Photoshop of a giant piece of pizza sitting on the Earth: actually, someone sent pizza into space. Seriously.

15. This isn’t an image of two cats squished together: actually, it’s Venus, a cat with rare chimera coloring. She is awesome.

17. No, the sky isn’t falling: actually, this is an art installation by Neil Dawson in New Zealand.

18. This isn’t a picture of a black hole: actually, it’s construction art that was created on a house that was scheduled to be knocked down.

19. This isn’t a giant Minecraft map: actually, it’s a section of cross waves, where waves of different directions meet each other.

20. This gymnast didn’t lose her head in a freak accident: actually, in mid-jump, a picture was taken and her head was bent backward.

22. This isn’t what an artist thinks heaven looks like: actually, it’s a giant salt flat in Bolivia. The surface reflects and looks like a giant mirror.

23. This isn’t someone having fun with painting on existing photos: actually, it’s optical illusion art by Felice Varini.

24. This isn’t a Photoshopped version of a Mobius strip: actually, it’s a picture of normal Legos taken with a telecentric lens.

Sure, Photoshop is awesome, but it turns out that real life is even better.

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