His Wife Finally Gave In And Let Him Build This. The Basement Will Never Be The Same Again.

“My wife won’t let me do it” is a notorious line, sometimes based on truth, other times just an excuse. In the case of user skerley1979, it was unfortunately true. Then, finally, his wife gave in and turned him loose in the basement to build exactly what he wanted.

The result? Pretty epic.

Check this out, in his words from Imgur:

Day 1 of framing complete. I was trying to wrap this up as quickly as possible because my wife did not enjoy me having the basement torn up as much as I did.

I had to put the television back in place in time to catch the Walking Dead. For size references, the TV here is a 55″.

Day 2 of framing. I didn’t get as far as I wanted to because my daughter wanted to help. I think I was distracted a few times and had to correct a few things.

Success… drywall/tape and first coat of mud on…

2nd coat going on shortly!

Everything is sanded, and I placed 2 coats of black paint where the screen is going to be installed.

Sub-woofer build-ins are boxed in now in the lower left and right-hand corners

We were going to place DVDs in the towers on both sides, but I am starting to decide against this idea… It reminds me too much of my parents displaying all of their VHS tapes in the 90s. I now will have to decide what to put here.

The screen was put together and hung up on the wall! We agreed not to place the DVDs in the towers…Guess this means I can go out and purchase some bookshelf speakers.

The projector is hung. I had to cut a few holes in the ceiling and soffit to run the wires earlier during the installation. That was the worst part about this. A little patchwork fixed it right up though.

Yes, this is the unfinished bar in the background). I need to still install the arm-rail and put the flooring in.,

**Updated photo of the new mount on the post. With the previous mount, the projector shook whenever anyone walked around upstairs.**

I don’t care for (2) different sub-woofers, so this will be fixed shortly.

View from behind the bar

To the left are our office desks and my daughter’s play area.

Looking back toward the bar.

First movie up… Step Brothers. **Edited** I did watch Star Wars by myself first, but the first movie the family watched together was Step Brothers.

Source: Reddit

I don’t know what his wife thinks of it, but I’m guessing she loves it. The moral of the story here? Women, let your men build anything they want where ever they want without any questions asked.

Okay, maybe not. 🙂

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