25 Ideas For Making A Wedding Awesome

Well, it’s wedding season. Because it’s wedding season, that means you’re going to be sitting through a ton of weddings (duh). You may be falling asleep, texting, doodling or getting annoyed by your ex who is flirting with your cousin (she is doing that on purpose). So, when YOU have your own wedding, use one of these 25 awesome wedding ideas. Make the day fun and quirky and don’t let your guests nod off.

1.) Make a hilarious save-the-date

2.) Find a way to make a movie-themed save-the-date

3.) Save the paper by writing on your face for the save-the-dates

4.) Put a beard to good use with a save-the-date

5.) Keep it simple, stupid

6.) Let the potential guests speak their mind

7.) Be honest about what’s going down

8.) Seriously, honesty is the best policy

9.) Be smart and use your smartphone

10.) Make it about the rings

11.) Don’t be afraid to be a little geeky

12.) Think of awesome photo opportunities

13.) Pick an unforgettable cake topper

14.) Even if it’s a hilarious cake topper

15.) Think of awesome goodie bags for guests

16.) Make sure the wedding party is dressed to the nines from top to bottom

17.) Puns make the best wedding favors

18.) Dessert should be a focus… the ceremony, too, we guess

19.) Make it about the people involved

20.) Give the guests a chance to have some fun, too

21.) Find ways to make the wedding fun, even during down time

22.) Jack Daniels – simple as that

23.) Include man’s best fiend in the ceremony

24.) Everyone loves pets

25.) They’re part of the family, too, you know

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